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April 2015 Caption Competition

April 2015 Caption Competition Image

Would you like to sit at the 'Chef's Table' at this year's Food Festival? We have 2 places up for grabs on the Friday.... you'll receive 2 tickets to Friday at the Festival as well as an up close and personal view of the action in one of the demos in the Cookery Theatre not to mention the opportunity to taste the delicious food rustled up by one of our Chefs - what a prize! To enter, try your luck in this week's Caption Comp! Deadline for entries is midday on Thursday 9th April.

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The winner for this competition was:

It was whiskful thinking he could prepare the gravy and perform a duet at the same time.
By: Thalia Groom

Other entries for this competition were:

I will try and whisk but I'm suffering with chefs elbow
By: Claire Tucker

"Sieve the gravy?" "Don't be ridiculous, just stir it..."
By: Joy Taylor

Oh God please let me get rid of these lumps before anyone sees.
By: Jane Stuckey

Exeter Chefs in the First Division - where else!
By: Liz Gooding

Great grub guys get gravy giggles! :-)
By: Claire S.

The karaoke cooking event was proving popular
By: Malcolm Rose

Taking healthy eating to extreme measures; leading an aerobics workout whilst cooking!
By: Charlotte Stevens

Dont know why you are laughing, all the cool chefs wear spoons around their face!
By: Becci Myers

Oh go on then, just a little bit more!
By: clare pidgeon

Yes, the lumps are meant to be there......
By: Helen Taylor

`Chefs with a grin, what's next to whisk in ! `
By: Christine Pearce

The whisk in pan goes round and round, round and round, round and round, the whisk in the pan goes round and round all day long!
By: Rebecca Lis

Stirring up the ultimate treat.
By: Margaret Davies

Oui chef!
By: Polly Spencer

One lump or two?
By: Laura Morgan

Whoops its meant to be custard!
By: Kayleigh underhill

shhhh lets just smile and hope no one notices
By: Chrissie wardman