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Privateer Jerky March 2016 Caption Competition!

Privateer Jerky March 2016 Caption Competition! Image

Next month brings the 13th Exeter Festival of South West Food & Drink. The event returns to Exeter Castle and Northernhay Gardens to bring the city its biggest, annual food and drink Festival from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th April.

For your chance to win two packets of Black Jack Beef Jerky with a smoky peppery taste from Privateer Jerky and two tickets to the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink on Sunday 24th April, enter our March Caption Competition featuring Vaughan from Privateer Jerky.

Good Luck!

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The winner for this competition was:

Get Perky with Smokey Jerky!
By: skye o'hara street

Other entries for this competition were:

One man two green eggs and a blue glove.... probably the best jerky in the world
By: Steve Heath

Let's get perky with some smoky jerky at Exeter Food Fiesta..
By: Sarah

I know I said my jerky was smokin' but seriously could you let it cool down before you scoff it all??
By: Kirst Pritchard

Just a face full of smoky helps the jerky go down, the jerky go downnnn!
By: Kelly Lamb

My car keys must be here somewhere!
By: Mike Osgathorpe

I'm now blind but this smells amazing!
By: Emeline Shears

Ok ... what joker put the socks on here to dry?!
By: Lisa clements

That's showing the buccaneering spirit!
By: William Kidd

"As far as Stan was concerned, any remaining germs from the cat licking the burgers would have been killed off by now, and he was sure that the 50 hungry guests stood behind him would agree too ..."
By: Dave McKenna

Smoky Jerky at the Exy Festy C'mon!
By: sandra cole

Jerky time in 2 minutes get your baps ready
By: Chris Hall

It may not have been the best place to hide the 'weed' but it sure made cooking fun!
By: Susan Burton

That's not where I left my car..
By: Lu

5am better get the chicken started guests arrive at 2pm. Want to be sure its cooked through!
By: Linda King

Question: How do you like your Steak? Reply: Well done please Response: Your's is ready then!
By: alastair

Is that turkey in the jerky oh no it's that special jerky
By: Robin smith

Bad choice of glove the rubber has melted everywhere! Duh!
By: Melissa nuttall

The might even see these smoke signals in Cornwall
By: Vince Naughton

Are you supposed to skin the rabbits before you cook them?
By: Robert Martindale

Making Black Jack Beef Jerky -Jack getting black.
By: iain harper

Black Jack Jerky in the pan, bish bash, bosh. Food Fest Exeter
By: Sue Hales

Eye of newt - 1 cup Toe of frog - 3 tbsp Jerk melange - 3 cwt Subtlety is the key to this mix!
By: Ian McGregor

Jerky at its best at the Exeter Fest
By: Ann Sandover

It's not smoke in my eyes. Those are tears of joy. Now sold in 40g vacuumed sealed bags.
By: Luke Wilsterman

Vaughan wandered about that age old question...What came first - the Jerky or the Egg?
By: Lauren Heath

Jerk and Egg
By: Nancy Chamberlain

Now where did I leave my Exeter food and drink tickets
By: Mark

I hope I,m spelling these words right with these smoke signal,s and getting me smoked meat,s as well that's called killing two birds with one stone and saving energy as well
By: Ron Gilley

Ok the jerky is ready, but where are my guests?
By: Mark Thomas

I don't know but I've been told Privateer Jerky taste mighty smoked!.
By: Kim McDermott

"Do you like your sausages well done?"
By: Adam

There's no shirking the jerky smoker
By: Lee Joslin

Applewoodenlickinstratobrilmeatn'iazzaz that is! Yeah!
By: Pascal-Henri

We’re eating al fresco? I thought we were having burgers.
By: Valerie Ganne