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March 2014

March 2014 Image

With just under 10 weeks to go until the festival we are giving away two more tickets! All you have to do is submit a caption for the photo above, on 28th March the best entry will win two day passes to the 2014 Festival.

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The winner for this competition was:

See Caroline, My festival is still holding onto the number 1 position.
By: Carol Finning

Other entries for this competition were:

The unveiling of two new surf board designs brought a mixed response.
By: Bryan Morris

The judges decided to score the entries using the binary system.
By: Bryan Morris

Borrowing a little something from Downing Street to help is countdown.
By: Jenny Buntjng

Let's see who's behind the oval window.
By: Bryan Morris

And the sunny day scored a perfect 10! Here is hoping there is sunshine for the festival!
By: sarah mansell

The new test for the very shortsighted was finally rolled out.
By: Bryan Morris

Do you think David Cameron will like his new door furniture?
By: Bryan Morris

Wear your little red number, they said.................
By: Kate Daniels

Organisers were keeping a close eye on their number ten as seven ate nine.......
By: Sarah Diggle

"Michael Caines is number 1"
By: Teresa James

Michael can't believe it's only Caroline QuenTEN weeks to go!
By: Lauren Heath

When I said see you in 10 you didn't have take it so literally!!
By: Andrew Dean

For the number ONE festival in TENts NOTHING can match the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink.
By: Jo Willcocks

Locally sourced, wares beautifully presented, maximum score for the best Festival invented.
By: Jo Willcocks

celebrities receive their new shape for new series of 'The Wall'
By: Kim Styles

Food festival always scores a 10 out of 10!
By: Stephen Spencer

You think these are big, you should have seen the cake we pinched 'em off.....
By: Sarah Diggle

Somehow the chefs were entered into the jumbo binary coding event at the geek event next door, it all went horribly wrong.
By: Geoff Spick

Exeter Food Festival - Its a 10 from me!
By: Julie Martin

10 out of 10 for the Festival
By: Christina Elliot