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Sandford Orchard December 2015 Caption Competition!

Sandford Orchard December 2015 Caption Competition! Image

We’re excited for the return of the Exeter Food Festival taking place at Northernhay Gardens and Exeter Castle 22nd – 24th April 2016.

Here is a photo of the team from Sandford Orchard Cider!  Give us your best shot at a caption for the chance to win two tickets to the Food Festival on Sunday 24th April 2016. 

All entries received before 11th January 2016 will be counted. Good luck!

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The winner for this competition was:

Lend me your ginger beers and I'll applely tell you about Exeter Food Festival
By: Sacha Feehan

Other entries for this competition were:

She's be-cider-self to de-cider-favourite bottle. He's got the in-cider knowledge to pre-cide(r).
By: Shaun Rudden

You'll be hard pressed to find a better scrumpy to complement the scrummy food at the Exeter Food & Drink Festival!
By: Dave B

"I Like this one!" "And I like this One" "...But we also like these ones!"
By: Phil Cross

Incider information says Granny Smith got together with Ginger to create a Grainger? Mulling it over, I think it's alcoholic but I need to consider their apeel.
By: Richard Gaskell

We use our in-cider apple knowledge in all our drinks. Perry is for wimps!
By: iain harper

You can have any colour so long as it's yellow.
By: Bryan Morris

Ginger Beer no thanks not this year, as I have heard it said that Shaky Bridge and Devon Red have won a gold award so its these two to which I shall be drawn toward.
By: Fran Catley

Sing along now..always look on the bright cider life..
By: Carol Finning